The Stoke Row Road Run

This year’s Stoke Row Road Run was blessed with many exhibits and excellent weather. Engines made their way from the Greenaway’s yard and other locations to The Sun at Whitchurch Hill for lunch. An inundated landlady made everyone very welcome. The route proceeded a slightly different way back via the Black Lion at Woodcote. An evening barbecue and social gathering was held back at the Greenaway’s yard. Engines present were:

  1. Aveling Roller 10282 “Stoneybroke” – Ewan Davis
  2. Aveling Roller 112096 “Sammy Lou” – Daniel Cotgreave (Harry)
  3. Aveling Roller 11695 “Barbara” – Dave Temple
  4. Aveling Roller 8489 “OK 58” – Fred Cooper
  5. Aveling Tandem Roller 7411 – “Chimeara” – Geoff Wingfield
  6. Aveling Traction Engine 9096 “Jubilee” – Dave Knott
  7. Aveling Tractor 9179 “Whippet” – Nigel Greenaway
  8. Burrell half size Scenic road loco “Simplicity” – Justin Marcham (driven by Ted and Chloe)
  9. Burrell Road Loco 3917 “Triumph” – Justin Marcham
  10. Foden Half Size Wagon “Little Emily” – Noel Greenaway
  11. Foster Wagon 14077 – “Sir William Tritton” – Martin Fagg
  12. Fowler Roller 18659 “Arfur” – Darren Marcham
  13. Fowler Tiger Tractor  15293 “Onward” – Will Olley (driven by Jordan Greenaway)
  14. Garrett Shwmans style tractor 33545 – “Henry” – Noel Greenaway (providing entertainment at the yard)
  15. Garrett Tractor 33738 “Lord Raglan” – Tony Waistell
  16. Marshall Traction Engine 37690 “OldTimer” – Ben Brown
  17. Wallis and Steevens Traction Engine 7664 “Wildfire” – Roger Sibley

Many other tractors , old cars and other vintage transport were present. Fred Coopers Aveling Roller was donned “The Tim Leverett 60th special” – celebrating Tim’s birthday earlier in the week. Noel Greenaway’s Garrett tractor didn’t take part in the run, but was in steam in the evening providing the lights. A great time was had by all – better than a rally, as the saying goes.

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