A New Aquisition

TVTEC member Tristan Leverett has aquirred a Clayton & Shuttleworth Threshing drum, he’s hoping another TVTEC member could help to date.

1870 Clayton and Shuttleworth finishing drum

The drum came from a farm in Oxfordshire where it has be stored for 30 years, but its working life was spent at the William’s farm in Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire. It’s number is 24118, Its design is near identical to this 1870 drum pictured, but Tris thinks it’s turn of the century ish. Answers on the back of a post card.

Clayton threshing drum

Cleaning the drum off

The drum was soon turning again after a lay up of 30 years after a couple of days cleaning up and oiling up and thankfully not much freeing up. A few obligitory clonking bearings here and there, it’s clearly had a hard life like most thrahers. The drum is is very good condition for it’s age mainly due to its good storage conditions over the last 30 years, however Tristan’s next job is going to be giving the drum a thorough soaking with worm treatment oil, then work will shift towards the wooden wheels where age has taken its toll.

Low loading home

Fred Cooper to the rescue with the Atkinson Low Loader

The drums first outting was the Englefield schools days event in June, the day before saw Fred Cooper and Tris get the drum out and line it up to Fred’s Fordson and turn her over slowly, it turned over gloriously and soon they had her humming. Not wanting to push their luck it was shut down. It was then towed up to its position in the field ready for the following days events. That evening Ben Brown turned up with Marshall 37690 ‘Old Timer’ and lined up to the drum.

Lining up

Marshall Traction Engine no. 37690 lined up to the drum ready to be turned by steam for the first time since its working days

Then came the first time in around 90 years to drive the drum with a traction engine, this magical moment was handed over to Tristan. Tentatively on the pole then regulator ‘Old Timer’ gave a chug and the drum started to spin. Old Timer kept the belts turning whilst the sun went down, it was a moment to gladden the heart. Two machines designed to work together alive and working, something a month ago was inconcivable if you’d have seen how burried the thrasher was in it’s last resting place.

The drum was kept spinning for two days through the event, though by the end the old belts had all but given up and delaminated, another job before its next running.

Tristan will keep us posted with his progress with the drum and would appericate any info people my have on this drum or similar. Remember to visit his steam website sparkarrester.org where further pictures of the drum and progress are featured.

Taking the drum home

Adam Lancaster (aka “Great Western Ted”) gently tows the drum back to the yard following the schools steaming.

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