A Collection of Photo’s

NTEC 21st Aniversary Road Run

Plans are well ahead for the NTET 60th Anniversary Road Run in 2014, to be held in Bedfordshire. Here are a couple of photo’s of the NTEC 21st Anniversary road run from Nettlebed to Appleford, given to the club by member David Spooner.

Burrell RR Nº3305 'Big John'

Burrell Roller Nº3305 ‘Big John’

Big John when owned by the late Peter Barnes of Woodley. The engines gathered at Appleford following the road run from Nettlebed. Didcot Power Station and part of Amey’s works are visible in the background. Peter Barnes was one of the first people to rebox an engine on their own. The engine now resided in a museum in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Fowler TE Nº14958  'Marina'

Fowler TE Nº14958 ‘Marina’

Fowler ‘Russian’ 3 speed traction engine ‘Marina’ when owned by Vic Greenaway of Whitchurch Hill, Oxon. Vic worked with a similar engine in his fathers threshing business. Does anyone know the wherabouts of this engine now? Robin Greenaway and Fred Goddard can be seen in the background by Robin’s Foden Wagon, and on the other side the Daniel Brother’s Maclaren ploughing engine, which I believe was driven from Bodmin in Cornwall to the event!

Other 1970’s Rallies

Wallis & Steevens TE Nº 7588 'Sue'

Wallis & Steevens Traction Engine Nº 7588 ‘Sue’

Wallis and Steevens 8nhp expansion engine when in the ownership of Bill Manning.This engine is now in the Keeley collection. The location could be Great missenden or Knowl Hill – leave a comment if you have more information.

Fowler TE Nº 15710 'Tommy'

Fowler Traction Engine Nº 15710 ‘Tommy’

Arthur Napper driving his Fowler ‘Tommy’ in the grand parade at Banbury Rally. Tommy was rumoured to be Arthur’s favourite engine. This engine has recently changed hands.

McLaren RdL Nº 1652 'Boadicea'

McLaren RdL Nº 1652 ‘Boadicea’

The now world famous Maclaren Road loco ‘Boadicea’ at an unknown location in the days when driven by Wally Dell. The twisted brasses were always thought to be left over from it’s time as a showmans engine, but they were actually added by Steve Neville when in his ownership.

Burrell RdL Nº 3836 'Starlight'

Burrell Showmans Road Loco Nº 3836 ‘Starlight’

Starlight at Rousham Park when owned by Dan Shorey. Converted by Edward’s of Swindon for showmans use in its working life.

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  1. robert cox says:

    What great pictures hope we can all see more in the future. Maybe other members have pictures in their own collections that could be shared on this site. i’ll try to get some of mine on the future.


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