The Sid White Photo Collection

The Steam Scenes website has recently added the Sid White collection of photo’s. There are a number of club engines (and some younger looking faces!). Here are a selection of some of the best. If anyone has any comments on location and date please let us know by posting a comment at the end of this post.

Wallis and Steevens Advance Roller No. 7943″Chipchase” built 1927 reg. OT 6007

Aveling & Porter Road Roller, 7411 “Chimaera” – Built in 1911, XP 2915

Wallis & Steevens Road Roller, 8086 – Built in 1933, CG 4543

Clayton & Shuttleworth General Purpose Engine, 47216 “Lady Jean” – Built in 1915, CT 4817

Burrell General Purpose Engine, 3917 “Triumph” – Built in 1921, TA 2374

Wallis & Steevens Road Roller, 7799 “Daisy May” – Built in 1924, HO 6354

Aveling & Porter Road Roller, 8489 – Built in 1915, OK 58

Aveling & Porter Road Locomotive, 8471 “Clyde” – Built in 1914, AF 4478

Ransomes & Jefferies General Purpose Engine, 27277 “Hurst lady” – Built in 1918, DS 7473

The full collection can be viewed here.

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2 Responses to The Sid White Photo Collection

  1. richard hawthorne says:

    fist picture is your membership secertery on chipchase no 7943 reg ot 6007 at woodcote rally 35 years ago i can see the 70s hair cut sticking out from under the cap, what great pics

  2. There are about 1300 slides in total and I am adding about 50 per week to Steam Scenes as I catalogue which engine is featured in each slide. They are totally unsorted by age or event, any information about where they were taken is very welcome.

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