Winter is on its way

A couple of pictures from early last Sunday morning, whilst steaming up ‘Old Timer’ ready for a day on the road. A beautiful moonlit sky and a good frost soon turned into a damp misty morning.

The slow shutter speed makes it look like the blower is on. The smoke was provided by Russia – a bit of a shock after burning Welsh dry for the last few months.

Breakfast cooking in the living van by oil lamp.

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3 Responses to Winter is on its way

  1. Robert Cox says:

    Looks great, i can’t wait to join you when the little Aveling is finished. Earley morning lighting up seems so long ago. RC

  2. Lisa says:

    Nothing better than to be up and about on a cold frosty early morning-what lovely photo’s.

  3. richard hawthorne says:

    great pictures ben i must try getting up early it looks good that time of the morning

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