Help needed

Club member Richard Poole has almost completed a lovely 4″ scale Garrett Traction Engine. In order to finish it off Richard needs the help from a plumber to install all the pipework.

If there are any budding model engineers out there who can help Richard, please leave a comment on this post or email

Richard's nearly complete 4" Garrett General Purpose Engine

Richard’s nearly complete 4″ Garrett General Purpose Engine

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2 Responses to Help needed

  1. Martin says:

    Hi, Trying to get back in contact with Paul Turner, please. My name is Martin Oakes, and my grandfather was the original owner of Gladstone, named after my great grandmother. I still own the farm, that my grandfather bought, after selling Gladstone. I’ve never seen Gladstone, and it’s time that I, and my sons did!!
    If you could pass this message to Paul, please, I’d be grateful.
    Regards Martin

  2. tvtecbeta says:

    Hello Martin, Paul Turver is not a member of the Thames Valley Traction Engine Club. Maybe you could post your question on the Traction Engine Forum:

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