Stoke Row Rally 1984

The 1984 Stoke Row Rally or “Rally around the Well” as it was then known to raise funds for the restoration of the Maharajah’s Well ( suffered badly with the weather. As a result the engines were displayed in the Greenaway families yard just up the road. Here are a few pictures from the event. Thanks to Brian Mansergh for the photo’s.

Tommy_stoke Row 1984

Fowler traction engine “Tommy” when in the ownership of Arthur Napper

Kathleen stoke Row 1984

Burrell Gold Medal Tractor no. 3631 “Kathleen” when in the ownership of the late Jack Lawrence

Mercury Stoke Row 1984

Garrett Traction Engine “Mercury” when in the ownership of the late Vic Greenaway

Barkers SR 1984

The Barker Family’s Burrell Gold Medal tractor “Defiance” with a young Nick Barker.

Jonah stoke row 1984

Roy Green steers his Fowler traction engine “Jonah”

KGV1 SR 1984

Jack Wharton’s much travelled Burrell Showmans Engine “King George VI”

Fowler RR 17234 PP 9257 Susie

Derek and Marion Farrow’s Fowler T3 roller “Susie”

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