Carter’s Steam Fair, Pinkneys Green 2018

12th/13th May saw the annual Steam Spectacular of Carter’s Steam Fair visiting it’s home town Pinkneys Green, Maidenhaed. As anyone who’s visited Carter’s Steam Fair knows it is always a feast for the senses, their wonderful rides and attractions all hand painted and cared for to the highest standards are such a joy to look at as well as ride on. However what makes the Pinkneys Green event that little more special is the addition of the fair being mainly powered by visiting Showmans Engines, a recreation of what travelling fairs were really like in their steam heydays.

This year the engines in attendance were:

1914 – Burrell Scenic (3610) William V

1921 – Burrell Scenic (3888) General Gough

1907 – Burrell (2894) Pride of Worcester

1911 – Burrell (2388) Nancy

1934 – Fowler Superlion (20223) Supreme

Hearing the engines working away over the general frivolity of people enjoying the fair creates an atmosphere not recreated at any other event and is something very special that is worth revisiting every year.


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