June meeting visit to see Consuta


Monday night’s meeting (10th June) at the Angel Wollhampton will just be Noggin and Natter, as we will be visiting the Premesis of the Umpire Steam Launch “Consuta” on Sat 15th June at 1pm.

Consuta was built 120 years ago to carry rowing umpires at the Henley Royal Regatta. Her revolutionary design made her builder, Sam Saunders of Goring-on-Thames, one of the pioneers of high speed sea and aircraft at the beginning of the 20th century.

We are privileged to be able to visit the Consuta trusts premesis, who also have the 1870’s Thornycroft steam launch Cygnet as well.

The best postcode to use is RG8 9NH which is for the Church cottages, Lower Basildon.
Go into Beale Park but once in the grounds carry on along the single track exit road, which is about about quarter mile and brings you to two large barns on the right. Exit the BP gate onto Church Lane. here there is good but limited parking on the lane. BP have asked not to park visitor cars on their property. People can then walk back into the park, to a shed next to the Henley Sales and Charter barns; note however the access is along a grass track into the field.

For more info visit the Consuta web site: http://www.consuta.org.uk/workshop/Home.html


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