Best Engine at Stoke Row

 The best engine at Stoke Row Rally 2012 was awarded to the Hawthorne family for their 1914 Burrell Gold Medal Tractor 3626 “Jane Eyre”. The engines in the background are Jeff Shackell’s Burrell Traction Engine “Dauntless”  Ben Brown’s Marshall “Old Timer” and Darren Marcham’s Fowler Roller  “Arfur”. The rally was extremely lucky wit hardly a rain drop in sight all weekend, and despite the rain in the week preceding the rally, the ground was considerably good with a full programme of events being delivered. Congratulations to the Stoke Row Rally comittee for a really enjoyable rally!
Jayne Eyre

The Hawthorne Family with Burrell 3626 “Jayne Eyre” photo: © Peter Hammond

Off to the Pub

Jayne Eyre off to the pub in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside

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  1. richard hawthorne says:

    note the smoke from the welsh dry steam coal

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